On the other side of the world

Last week me and my friends go out together to find any good library to visit, and it happened to be the library behind my high school. we talked about issues relating to how our country have a high percentage of sexual abuse cases, espescially against women. we concluded that the main problem comes from how people see things only from their perspective, without underdstanding the bigger pictures. Ignorance, they said. Ignoring others view because they don’t understands it. i personally think this is not their own fault as they are not privileged emough to have that much of information. some people are just stucked in their own places with their own people. the specific ideas keeps circulating, claimed to be culture/tradition, but actually they are just outdated ideas that does not ever evolve because how little the people interacts with other.

it shows how important education is. education is not about changing how we view the world, but more about how our ideas evolve. Evolving ideas means we understands others view enough to determine our own. I think there isnt any idea that is wrong, or right. it is just about what we choose to believe and how we applied it. Blindly follow an idea without understanding about how others will react to that idea just shows that you are uneducated.

and me, i feel like i have responsibility to educate myself even more. i want to understand others, and how they view the world with their perspective. i am certain that different people lives different lifes and each have so much story to tell, so many ideas to share. and while i am young, i want to know more, i want to find myself.

Daily Makeup Products Recommendation

1. Base : Bourjouis CC Cream / Milani Foundation

2. Lips : Peripera Ink Velvet – Brick Brown / Apieu Lip Tint

3. Mascara : Any Loreal Mascara

4. Blush : Emina Cream Blush / Elf Blush Bronzer Duo

5. Powder : Marcks Loose Powder

6. Eyeshadow : Morphe

++ skincare :

1. Acnes Facial Foam

2. Cosrx Pads

3. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask

4. Bioderma Cleansing Toner

Women-only passenger car

A little rant about how i struggle to handle some sexist people in my life.

1. Those who think men have lower emotional quality level and women have to tolerate all the dumb things they have done. Everyone matures in different ways, it is never about the gender.

2. Those who compares women by their physique. “no matter what they do, as long as she is pretty than she’s good”. No, just no.

3. Those who think it is okay to hit on women even if they show signs that they are uncomfortable. it is worse when they already told them to stop but they consider it as a challenge.

4. Those who says “i like women who is smart” and “i don’t want a partner who is smarter than me, women have to be reserved and feminine”. wow you just contradicts yourself, it is obviously impossible for you to have both.

5. Those who says women who is not working and focusing being a mom is not a feminist. This is totally wrong. Feminism means to allow women to choose for themselves, and being a full-time mom is a really great decision to have. Working mom is cool, Staying at home mom is also cool. Even if you choose to not be a mother, you’re awesome too.

6. Those who think women only passenger cars is a privilege. http://www.stopstreetharassment.org/2017/07/indonesia-womenonly/

Being in an environment where male dominates the population, i will say that i have learned so much about gender equality. At first, i realize there are some things that these people do unconsciously, because they are ignorant about these problems. I feel like i have to adapt. However, the more i think about it, i know that i don’t have to adapt to something i don’t agree with. I have to show them what i think and how they should respect me, not as a women, but as a human being. Even though we are different biologically, we are all just human and have same rights to speak on our own.